The Houthis on social media – A proof that they are integral part of the axis of resistance

By Danny Citrinowicz

Over the past few weeks, the question has arisen in the United states whether it is the right move to designate Yemen's Houthi militia as a foreign terrorist organization (FTO). This decision has significant implications for humanitarian activity in Yemen, and some argue that it will not bring an end of the Yemen campaign, but only prod it.

As important as this decision is, it is hard to deny the fact that Houthis are considered a central axis of resistance led by Iran and Hezbollah in the Middle East.

Despite the theological gaps, Hezbollah and Iran understood the importance of supporting and establishing Houthi rule in Yemen because of its strategic location, so they were able to overcome these disputes and to provide significant assistance that transformed the Houthis a real threat to their hated neighbor to the north, Saudi Arabia.

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Houthis conection
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