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Setting the Record Straight on Hezbollah

Updated: Oct 21, 2020


Why full designation of the terror group strengthens Lebanon, protects the West, and promotes stability across the Middle East


Hezbollah has committed hundreds of terrorist attacks around the world, from Europe and the Americas to the Middle East. Its assaults – always in sync with the agenda of its patron Iran – murder, terrorize, inflame, and destroy. Despite these acts, many countries and multi-lateral groups do not consider it a terrorist organization in its entirety. Its status as a political actor in Lebanon, among other factors, has allowed Hezbollah, and most notably, its proponents, to make a series of claims why such a designation is false, uncalled for, and detrimental to the well-being of the very nations it continues to put in danger. This report examines those claims and provides a fact-based analysis that refutes each one. While each of these responses stands alone, together they offer powerful proof that all of Hezbollah should be considered a terrorist organization. This report was produced by AJC and the International Counter-Terrorism Institute.

Setting the Record Straight on Hezbollah
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