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Diplomatic Openings Amid Israel’s Syria Strikes

Updated: Oct 28, 2020

By Danny (Dennis) Citrinowicz - The Washington Institute -

Major (res.) Danny (Dennis) Citrinowicz is a senior research fellow at the Abba Eman Institute for International Diplomacy in Israel. Major Citrinowicz has served for 25 years in a variety of command positions units in Israel Defense Intelligence (IDI).

Air strikes attributed to Israeli forces have increased since the beginning of the Syrian Civil War, with a particularly steep rise in the last two years. This increase in kinetic activity represents an Israeli attempt to impede Iran's military entrenchment in Syria and disrupt the arms shipment route between Syria and Lebanon, thereby delaying Hezbollah’s efforts to build up its forces in Lebanon. Yet during this period, Iran and Hezbollah have tightened their hold in Syria, an effort manifested in the presence of Shia militiamen within the country. Iran and Hezbollah act in Syria as they would at home, without any hindrance from the Syrian authorities, even after so many years of military conflict.

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