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Global Threat

Comprehensive Strategy to Combat the Global Treat of Hezbollah

There’s Still Time to Avert War in Lebanon

Ron Prosor

Hezbollah’s strength has multiplied, and conflict is inevitable unless the world acts.

Donald Trump called out Hezbollah at both stops on his Middle East trip last week. In Saudi Arabia he praised the Gulf Cooperation Council for designating the Iranian-backed Lebanese Shiite militia a terrorist organization and noted that Riyadh had placed sanctions on a senior Hezbollah figure. 

Setting The Record Straight on Hezbollah

A Joint Project of AJC & IDC

Why full designation of the terror group strengthens Lebanon, protects the West, and promotes stability across the Middle East.

Hezbollah has committed hundreds of terrorist attacks around theworld, from Europe and the Americas to the Middle East. Its assaults– always in sync with the agenda of its patron Iran – murder, terrorize,inflame, and destroy.

The Impact of Hezbollah Designation as a Terrorist Organization on Bilateral Ties with Lebanon

Daniel Cohen

Hezbollah’s criminal financing and efforts to implement its radical ideology have violated a myriad of local and international norms. Its criminal network has established deep roots on every continent and generated hundreds of millions of dollars in illegal trade to support its destructive agenda.

Ending Hezbollah's Stranglehold Over Lebanon

Daniel Cohen & Liron Shilo

Current circumstances present a significant opportunity to rehabilitate Lebanon by isolating Hezbollah.

Since Mid-October, Lebanese protesters have been calling for a political reform to deal with the economic crisis. Recently the protests turned violent, with clashes between security forces and protesters and attacks by Hezbollah and Amal affiliates on the protesters.

The Janus Initiative

The JANUS Initiative is a global platform for international experts to advocate for countries and organizations to designate Hezbollah as a terrorist organization. Similarly, The Janus Initiative is a forum for productive collaboration, practical analysis, and exchange of expertise, regarding Hezbollah’s global terror activities.


Due in part to our sustained efforts, Europe has slowly begun recognizing the dangers posed to it by Hezbollah. Hezbollah’s oxygen is its funding: It provides operational abilities to Hezbollah’s entire organization. Eliminating Hezbollah’s access to its major sources of funding will paralyze the organization’s ability to terrorize.


The Janus Initiative aims to help countries develop a comprehensive strategy to combat the threat posed by Hezbollah by crafting evidence-based policy recommendations, ultimately culminating in the elimination Hezbollah’s revenue sources.


HEZBOLLAH - Global Threat Trailer 

What is Hezbollah

Hezbollah is an Iranian protégé, acting under the auspices of the Islamic Republic and its supreme leader and government, and has close ties to Syria’s Assad regime.

Hezbollah has the capabilities of an army: With 45,000 fighters, Hezbollah is one of the most heavily armed non-state actors in the world. It has a large and varied arsenal of missiles estimated at around 150,000.

Hezbollah is under the leadership of its Secretary General Hassan Nasrallah. The organization's executive council is chaired by Hashem Safi Al Din, Hezbollah’s second-in-command, who is charged with organizing the organization's political and operational.

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